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"A Loyal Friend to Two Navies"

Posted on Friday, 10 August 2018 10:50 am | Category: Darlington Veteran's Café member Tom Robson is featured in this Month's Navy News for being honoured by the US Navy

Tom Robson has been featured in this month's Navy News magazine for the unique distinction of being the first British seaman to be awarded a US Navy Honoury Award.

Mr Robson, originally from Trimdon Grange, joined the Royal Navy at age 15 after having worked in Trimdon Colliery for a year after leaving school aged 14. He rose to the rank of petty officer by the age of 21.

After a long and distinguished career in the Royal Navy, Mr Robson made the connection with the US Navy Recruit Training Command while travelling with his wife Rita in Orlando, Florida. He began talking with some of the US Officers and telling them about his experience in the Royal Navy. The officers invited him to come to the speak about his experiences to the cadets and Mr Robson visited regularly after that, giving advice and demonstrations on rope work.

Mr Robson was surprised to be presented with a plaque from Lt. Com Pat Lackey at a passing out parade, commemerating his time spent with the cadets and proclaiming him "A Friend to Two Navies". He published a memoir about his experiences in 1996 titled Boy Seaman RN that's available from Darlington Library.

Darlington MP Jenny Chapman (pictured right) met Mr. Robson on Wednesday morning in Café Refresh at Bradbury House and listened to his experiences of being a boy seaman in the Royal Navy. Mr. Robson, who's a regular attendee at the Age UK North Yorkshire & Darlington Veterans café, spoke of the camaraderie that he enjoys at the centre and the jokes that occur between retired members of the different branches of the services.

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