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Complaints Policy


A complaint is an expression of unhappiness or dissatisfaction about any aspect of a service delivered by Age UK North Yorkshire & Darlington. Age UK North Yorkshire & Darlington is committed to providing a high level of service to everyone we deal with. 

However we're aware that at times people can be unhappy or dissatisfied with a service they have received from us and want to share a concern or make a complaint.

We appreciate feedback whether good or bad and use it as a tool to continually review our services.
We use it as a positive mechanism in improving standards, allowing us to learn from people's experiences of our services and consider feedback from our customers as valuable information in helping us put things right if they go wrong.
We aim for our policy to deliver a process that is fair, clear and customer focused.
We are committed to getting the process right, being open and accountable and being able to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
We will ensure that all complaints are dealt with fairly and sensitively and all complaints will be investigated properly and responded to as quickly as the individual circumstances allow for. 
If possible you should always complain to the person delivering the service who will then forward it to the relevant line manager. 

If the complaint is about the line manager receiving the complaint then the complaint must be passed to the CEO.
If the complaint is about the CEO then the complaint must be forwarded to the Chair of the Board. 

There are 3 stages to our complaints procedure:

Stage 1 

Informal Resolution 

At this stage the person receiving the complaint must inform their Departmental Manager who will complete a complaints form, take all of the necessary details and try to settle the complaint within 14 days from the date the complaint is received.

When completed this should be signed off by the relevant line manager and forwarded to HR who will enter details onto the complaints log and arrange for the CEO to sign it off if resolved. 

Stage 2

Formal Investigation 

If the complaint has not been resolved at stage 1, then stage 2 must be instigated by HR. 
A meeting will be held between HR and the CEO to discuss the complaint.
The CEO will review the relevant complaint documentation including any previous decision made. 
A response to the formal stage must be made within 28 days by the CEO from the date stage 2 was initiated.

Stage 3 

External Review Panel

If the complaint has still not been resolved by the end of the 28 day period referred to at stage 2 above, then stage 3 is initiated. 
The CEO will assemble an independent panel to review the relevant documents and any previous decisions made.
If all 3 Stages are initiated we aim to have the complaint fully resolved within 3 months from the date the complaint was first received or made known to us.

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