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Ukulele Lessons (Beginners)

The most effective way to learn the Ukulele, by playing and singing along with friends! Over 200 attendees get together and learn each month.

Cost:£3.00 per session
Available in:Darlington
  • Postponed until further notice
  • 12:00pm - 1:00pm
  • £3.00 per session
  • Bradbury House
  • 01325 362832
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Upcoming Ukulele Lessons (Beginners) Sessions:

    Why learn the Ukulele?

    Learning an instrument is an aspiration for many of us, but it can be daunting! We pick up a book on the subject, struggle through, get frustrated and move on to the next thing, leaving your prized instrument to collect dust in the cupboard.

    That dream of being able to pick up your instrument and perform your favourite tunes feels like it might never come true.

    What if there was a group you could join where, where you'd be learning to play and sing along to a variety of songs in the space of a couple of hours?

    The Ukulele Group

    About the group

    The Age UK Darlington Ukulele group, under guidance of Lol, our resident Ukulele maestro, has been teaching absolute beginners to play Ukulele for over 2 years, and every single attendee has been successful!

    The group has continued to grow, and receive regular requests for live performances for community events and care homes.

    The Ukulele group offers a welcoming, up-beat atmosphere where you'll learn Ukulele, make friends and sing along to classic songs in a relaxed setting. As well as group tuition from Lol, you'll no doubt find help from the many friendly faces at the group.

    How can I get involved?

    If you're interested in dipping your toes into learning the Ukulele but don't have your own instrument, we can provide one for free for your first few sessions. Once you're ready to pick up your own, they're one of the most affordable instruments to buy, available for around £20.

    Like many Ukulele group members, you'll probably want set yourself apart from the crowd with your own, bespoke Uke before long!

    Ukulele Lessons (Beginners) Gallery

    Ukulele Lessons (Beginners) Location

    Bradbury House

    Age UK Darlington,
    Bradbury House,
    Beaumont Street West,
    DL1 5SX

    Ukulele Lessons (Beginners) Reviews & Testimonials

    "Friends for life!"

    Since joining the Ukulele group, I've made so many friends, not to mention learned a lot about music and the Ukulele! A handful of chords is all you need to play a great song!


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